Emacs-esque M-x commands for your entire OS.

  • Uses electron for clipboard and global hot key interactions.
  • Uses choose for the command picker on macOS and dmenu on Linux.


  • Ubuntu Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows 10 (pending)


  1. git clone
  2. cd META-x
  3. yarn install
  4. yarn start (or yarn dev if you want devtools to open)

An NPM package is coming soon…


Meta-x config is kept in ~/.meta-x/ directory. This makes it easy to keep your config under source control.


All configuration options are contained in ~/.meta-x/config.json


The hotkey setting is used to map which global keyboard shortcut launches Meta-x on your current selection.

All available keys and modifiers can be viewed here

Custom Commands

Custom commands are commonjs modules placed in ~/.meta-x/.

Example Command

To get a calculator capable of all operations/syntax available to you in JavaScript, create ~/.meta-x/calc.js with the following content:

module.exports = (selection) => eval(selection);

Non-transforming Commands

To create a command which does not transform the current selection simply return undefined from the command module's exported function:

module.exports = (selection) => {
  // Do something side-effect'ish here
  // ...

  // The current selection will not be transformed
  return undefined;

Using NPM Packages

You can use npm packages by simply installing them in your ~/.meta-x/ directory.

For example:

> cd ~/.meta-x/
> yarn add lodash


Meta-x is released under the MIT license.


Issues and Pull Requests are welcome!


  • Configurable hot-key
  • Document usage instructions
  • Add built-in commands
  • Document installation instructions
  • Improve UI performance (with choose on macOS and dmenu on Linux)
  • Publish to NPM
  • Test on Windows 10