Hi there! I'm Caleb Peterson.

I'm a front-end engineer and certified usability analyst with more than 20 years of experience.

I love designing and building user interfaces which enable and delight my users, and helping my fellow developers do the same.

A Few Things Which I Have Written

The UX Mini Course

Learn how to deliver delightful UX by yourself with specific tactics to improve user sign ups, enable valuable feature discovery, and streamline payments all explained from a developer's perspective.

Thoughts on small-scale coding preferences and how those choices improve software maintainability.

A Few Things Which I Have Built


Calcula is a mashup of a spreadsheet and a JavaScript REPL.

Quickulator is a handy JavaScript-based calculator.

FFuzion CAD is a small Constructive Solid Geometry CAD program.

Geometries are defined using a Lisp variant and models can be exported to STL for 3D printing.

A WebGL-based space station construction toy.

I did quite a lot of OpenGL work back when I worked in C++ and Java. It'd been quite a long time, so I thought I'd try my hand at working with React +three.js.

Minimal online KJV Bible reader that I use daily.

Cookieless, clientless web analytics powered by Netlify Functions & Airtable

WebRTC-based serverless file sharing.

With Stick Shift, hold down the CapsLock key and have the arrow keys directly under your right hand.

Emacs-esque M-x commands for macOS.

Ad hoc JavaScript scripting and multi-line REPL for VSCode.

All-language, keyword-based, full-text code search for VSCode.

Focus on finding the code you need instead of discovering/remembering the exact name.

React hook wrapping the remote-storage library.

Gabrielle Aapri is a pianist, composer, and recording artist with multiple albums on all major music streaming platforms.

I handle all of Gabrielle's web design and project management.

A Few Things Which I Have Drawn

KelvinAdobe Photoshop
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